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Alloy Carbide: Your partner in solving "Hard-wear" problems.
Alloy Carbide

If you have wear problems, or have been looking to reduce your maintenance costs, Alloy Carbide Company has the answers you are looking for. We are here to help you find proven engineered solutions for longer-lasting components. Our expertise combined with a flexible production schedule help facilitate meeting your demands.

Alloy Carbide custom manufactures precision industrial carbide components, designed especially to resist wear and corrosion. Our products are used world-wide throughout the oil and gas, down hole, and subsea industries, often in severe and/or critical applications. Alloy Carbide's wealth of knowledge helps customers attain better performance through objective materials advice, design-adaptation assistance, and dependable manufacturing objectives.

We provide a variety of industries with products and services such as:

  • Hard trim for control valves.
  • High pressure thermocouples for polyethylene plants.
  • Plungers and cylinder liners made of solid carbide for hyper compressors and intensifiers.
  • Supplying upgraded pump & compressor rods and plungers with long wearing, corrosion resistant RAM® (Rocket Applied Metallics) coatings.
  • Precision grinding, honing and lapping that provide the best surface finish for your application.
Alloy Carbide

ACC traces its history back to 1939 when it began casting carbide wear parts for oil-drilling needs. Having gained fundamental experience and ongoing technical knowledge over the decades, we like our customers to know:

  • Wear-resistant carbide materials are quite different from structural steel and other alloys.
  • Successful application requires discerning selection, design accommodation, and specialized manufacturing capabilities.

Quality Statement

Alloy Carbide

Alloy Carbide Company will deliver defect-free products and services to our customers on time. Everyone will constantly strive to prevent defects and perform work "right the first time" by understanding and meeting all of our customer's conformance requirements.

Alloy Carbide's success is attributed both to the ability and inclination to help solve problems and to foremost emphasize reliable quality in its products and services.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to fulfill the unique, specialized "hard wear" needs of both the upstream and downstream oil and gas industries.

Our company is focused to provide these industries with the most cost-effective, well-engineered carbide solutions available. We will faithfully work to develop partnerships based on long lasting trust, commitment, value, and experience.