Carbide & Steel Components

Alloy Carbide

Solid tungsten carbide has unique properties of thermal expansion, compression and tensile stress, brittleness, and wear resistance which complicate the applications of this material in combination with steels. Our experience in brazing, shrinking, and mechanically attaching carbide to steels takes the guess work out of the possibilities for solutions to chokes, valve trim, nozzles, MWD tools, and cylinders.

For more than five decades, Alloy Carbide has helped resolve many wear, abrasion, and corrosion problems. The solid carbide solutions we have engineered continue to help companies resolve their down hole and subsea drilling conflicts.

Typically, when the wear characteristics of an original steel part fall short under real-time operation, upgrading to tungsten carbide solves your problem. Always working within customer/client specifications, Alloy Carbide Company offers design considerations where tungsten carbide alternatives would enhance service life, process run-time, and reduce costly down-time. From hand Alloy Carbide sketched representations to CAD models, through convention machining and CNC utilization, Alloy Carbide stands ready to deliver from prototype to production. Our metallurgical knowledge and engineering experience can help you determine steel and carbide grades to best suit your application, while remaining cost effective for your bottom line. Any design in which performance may be impacted by abrasion, erosion, or corrosion should consider the "hard-wear" property benefits of tungsten carbide.

Alloy Carbide

The diversity of carbide products range from the simple to the complex: wear pins to down hole drilling components, valve trim in oilfield chokes to precision process control valves, nozzle inserts to mechanical seals. Alloy Carbide retains the finishing capabilities and techniques to routinely produce geometric shapes with dimensional tolerances of less than .001", surface profiles of 1 HLB or better, and micro-surface finishes of 1 RMS.

Our skilled employees, industry leading technology and machinery, and vast experience with these hard metals have earned us an outstanding reputation in our field. From purchase order to delivery ticket, Alloy Carbide Company ensures the finest materials will be used to comply with your application demands and requirements.